Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some comments on Carr Mara Golf Competition 2011

Please find listed below some comments that were made at the 2011 Carr Mara Golf Tournament hosted by County Sligo Golf Club in Rosses Point:

James K. Mason
Olympic Club:
"Thank you for the great hospitality your staff gave me when I played in the Carr Mara Tournament. The people that I encountered in Sligo City were also very friendly and accommodating. You should proud of them of them all.

The golf course was great (without a storm), and very challenging with the weater. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will let the word get out about this gem of a golf course and Sligo City."

Rick Rumble
Country Club Drive:
"I had the opportunity to play in the Carr Mara representing Oak Hill. We all had a wonderful time. This was my first time in Ireland and I was really impressed with everything, mostly how friendly everyone was! Your golf course and staff were both outstanding.

Those two rounds were the most difficult conditions that I have ever played in and will never be forgotten!! I was lucky enough to play with David Dunn in the first round. Please send him my regards since we didn't exchange business cards. He is a really top notch person as well as an outstanding golfer. I felt like I was playing with a tour player!"

Thanks again for this truly great golfing experience!"

Richard W. Smith
Cannon Street, Inc
"Those of us from the Olympic Club were all so impressed with your course and the hospitality at Sligo. Everyone associated with the tournament and your club could not have been more kind and helpful.

In two years in San Francisco we will do our best to meet the high standards you have set for a great event. Thank you all so much."

Edward Beck:
"As an Olympic Club (San Francisco) participant in the recent Carr Mara Trophy competition, I want to thank the County Sligo Golf Club for the wonderful hospitality you have extended to us.

Everyone from the Manager to the Caddies were nothing but friendly and helpful. The golf course is a wonderful design requiring the full range of shots. The greens were in magnificent condition - even after the torrential rains we received on Tuesday.

I can also attest to two delicious meals I had in town - Bistro Bianconi
as well as the Coach Lane. I can only hope the Olympic Club in 2013 can live up to the high standards you set for us."

Pat Fogarty:
"thank you for everything, we had a great time, and I just finished a brief article for our golf club news which I will share with you here (see attached). To everyone at Co Sligo Golf Club, "two thumbs up"! a great job, and I hope to see all of you soon. If you are ever in the New York area, please feel welcome to call or email and I would be happy to host you (or any of your friends) at the Garden City Golf Club."
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Tim O'Riordan
The Olympic Club, San Francisco:
I want to forward a thank you to the members of County Sligo Golf Club, your excellent staff, and yourself for a fantastic time at the Carr Mara Golf Tournament on September 5-7, 2011. The organization of this event was second to none and it will be a tough blueprint to match at the next Carr Mara at my club, The Olympic Club, in two years.

I knew very little about your golf course before I came, but I am happy to rank your course as one of the best in Ireland. In fact, I played six golf courses on my stay and I have to admit that I enjoyed your club the most while I was here.

Your members were very gracious in giving up their club for three days and making themselves available as caddies. Having their experience on the golf course made the grueling conditions even enjoyable at times as they shared their own stories of carnage. In addition, watching the All-Ireland Hurling Final in the clubhouse with the members and staff was one of the highlights of my trip. The exuberance in the bar during the game was electric and addictive even to those of us who see hurling so infrequently.

I also wanted to thank Andy Donaghy for our two nights of dining at Coach Lane in Sligo. The Olympic Club team had a great time in your wonderful city and Andy's restaurant helped to get that started.

The County Sligo Golf Club staff really impressed me during my stay at Rosses Point. I walked into your club on Sunday and was greeted by a very friendly golf shop staff. They made me feel welcome and got me set up with a locker and food straight away. The restaurant and bar staff were equally impressive and I thank all of them for their diligence and caring during my stay.

Finally, I want to thank you, David, for making this tournament unforgettable for me. From opening the bar early to remedy my bad head to catering to the players on the golf course, your title of Director of Golf could be changed to Director of Everything. You are a major reason I had such a good time at the tournament, and I would happily return to County Sligo Golf Club in the future.

Stoney Feeney:
"We all got home safely....including Steve. Understandably I am a bit worn out from all the hospitality and great craic supplied by everyone in County
Sligo. I want to personally thank you and everyone at County Sligo for
being such tremendous hosts.. Fantastik job by all....The golf course was magnificent, the weather was , how can I describe it?...very special! And everyone to a man had a marvelous time. We will have something to live up to when Carr Mara comes to Olympic Club in 2013. Special thanks Michael McGowan, Joe Keyes and to Andy Donaghy for taking such good care of us at his restaurant. One of the best I have ever enjoyed. I truly look forward to returning someday, and certainly, everyone there is welcome at Olympic.

If you have or can get a final copy of the Carr Mara results by team and can e-mail me a copy, I would much appreciate it. I need to do a write up for our club magazine. Hope to see you out here soon....Thanks again to all.

PS: You might take a look at http://www.randyhaag.com,that is Randy's blog and very nicely talks about his time in Sligo."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preparations for Tournament move ahead

Please find below correspondence between the Carr Mara Golf Trust and County Sligo Golf Club concerning preparations for the forthcoming Carr Mara Golf Trust Tournament to be held at County Sligo for 5th to the 7th of September.

"We greatly look forward to hosting the event and we promise a memorable occasion in which exiting friendships will be renewed..."

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome to the Carr Mara Golf Trust.

This Blogg was set up by the Carr Mara Golf Trust in memory of Joe Carr and Wellington Mara and to promote the bi-annual competition with clubs from Ireland competing against an equal number of clubs from the United States for the Carr Mara Trophy.